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November 11th, 2005

07:29 pm - A one-man show still =)
Hi! In between work, study and loiterage, I have been composing since 2000, and the songs seem to add up ever so slowly - I'd be grateful if you'd take the time to check them out at Soundclick or the mirror site here and tell me what you think. Pimping my nondescript talents aside, I am also desperate for a lyricist/vocalist. More info behind the cut.

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January 23rd, 2005

03:07 pm - oops
hey evreyone. I'm not sure if my sister submitted this song or not but she found a song in my journal that she like and submitted for me, she revised it and titled it "does anyone else feel like me" but I didn't write it, it was a Less Than Jake song. sorry about the confusion, thanks

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January 21st, 2005

10:06 am - the best ramen noodle
o how I favor the flavor of chicken
so salty so sweet its the best day time treat
to all those who are left unconvinced of this microwavable wonder
I must shout from the tips of the highest tops of Everest that chicken is the a flavor to ponder
how do they package the magic of chicken?
who and where graced our lands with the gourmet dish that requires no bakin?
o chicken o noodle o love of my kitchen how should I fair without thee?
haha I just rwrote that....I'm so bored its scary

well heres a more serious peom/lyric whatever

does anyone else feel like me?
Its not fair
I want to make a move
its not fair
you make a move
its not fair
can't this be easier?

Wishing you and I could get our act together
tell your feelings now
before set in of cold weather
let each other know
that we belong together
its not fair

why should I play hard to get
act so nonchalant
when all I want is in your bed
always been so shy
just don't know what to do
hoping you will make the next move

put it all together
say it with a smile
best friends forever
never meant so little now
what more than i could ask for
step a little closer
cause happiness is just out of reach
step a little closer

why, why are you so shy
why don't you let go
of all your inhibitions
make some good decisions
and take me away
its just not fair

I've come to my senses,
That I've become senseless,
I could give you lessons on how to ruin your friendships,
Every last conviction, I smoked them all away,
I drank my frustrations down the drain, out of the way,
So I sit and wait and wonder,
"Does anyone else feel like me?"
Someone so tired of their routines and disappearing self-esteems,

I'll sing along,
Yeah with every emergency,
Just sing along,
I'm the queen of catastrophies,
I'm so far gone,
That deep down inside I think it's fine by me,
I'm my own worst enemy

I could be an expert on co-dependency,
I could write the best book on underage tragedy,
I've been spending my time at the local liquor store,
I've been sleeping nightly on my best friends kitchen floor,
So I sit and wait and wonder,
"Does anyone else feel like me?"
I'm so over dosed on apathy burnt out on sympathy


Let the meaning slip away
Lost my faith in another day,
Self deprication seems okay,
I never thought I'd make it anyway


I'm my own worst enemy [x5]

For every boy that ever broke my heart
For every fucked up friend that played that part
I have lost my faith in finding humanity
Compassion isn't enough for all that I can do

You're better off without me, aren't you?
Current Mood: calmI hope you like it
Current Music: "smells like teen spirit" nirvana

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December 19th, 2004

10:27 pm - Hey I'm new....
Umm I really had no where else to go....the other writing journal community were a bunch of pansies ( if you don't mind me saying so) I just wrote this song and I wanna put it in this book for a friend, but I'm so attached to it I can't tell if its crap or semi-good....if you don't mind and have the time, could someone read it and tell me their thoughts....please??.....this song is sad, real sad, but its got a lot of rage and anger sprinkled throughout it, well, enough stahling, here it is....

I'm so consumed in all my gloom
I haven't noticed the impending doom
I wanna scream ( x2)
My voice is locked deep inside
where my self confidence hides
I wanna let it out! I'm gonna let it out!
I'm shouting
no one hears me
I'm alone
I'm unknown
and I'm on my own
Why can't you hear me scream?! ( x2)
My frustration builds
My heart is sealed
I just can't take it anymore
I don't know what I'm yelling for
My mascara is running
My tears are falling
My heart is wrenched in pain
But you don't even notice I'm here
I'm gonna Scream!!!! ( gonna scream)
Have you looked my way
at all today?
Have you noticed my bloodshot eyes
or my heavy sighs?
You were my friend
the one I could depend
Where are you now?!!?
I'm in a crowded room
but I guess I shouldn't assume
anybody cares
Where are you know!!?!
I'll make you hear me
You just can't leave me
I'll scream

.....so, what do you think?
Current Mood: nervousnervous...excited, but nervous
Current Music: "sparkle and fade" Everclear

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December 7th, 2004

04:06 pm
Hi, heres a poem I like by Carl Sandburg.

Who Am I?

My head knocks against the stars.
My feet are on the hilltops.
My finger-tips are in the valleys and shores of
universal life.
Down in the sounding foam of primal things I
reach my hands and play with pebbles of
I have been to hell and back many times.
I know all about heaven, for I have talked with God.
I dabble in the blood and guts of the terrible.
I know the passionate seizure of beauty
And the marvelous rebellion of man at all signs
reading "Keep Off."

My name is Truth and I am the most elusive captive
in the universe.
Current Mood: discontentdiscontent

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October 18th, 2004

11:12 am
Anybody want to try a collaborative poem or something?

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10:27 am - A Song for Walking in the Shadow of Death
A Song for Walking in the Shadow of Death

If you lay down your life
So your brother does not die
This is the finest kind of love

You swore you'd never smile again
So I took it as a challenge
Believe me when I tell you
This too will pass away
And when I don't believe myself
Repeat it back to me

If you lay down your life
So your brother does not die
This is the finest kind of love

Someday we will smile
And see we're not as poor
Or as lost as we believed we were

If you lay down your life
So your brother does not die
This is the finest kind of love

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September 1st, 2004

09:28 pm - A rather strange kind of 'Want-Ad'...
[Before I begin, I'd like to apologize if there is a moderator that feels the need to delete this, if I have offended anyone, or if it is posted out of place. If the latter is the case, please direct me to a more appropriate venue.]

If you like Pina Coladas, and getting caught in the rain...Collapse )

Oh yes, and this has been cross-posted.

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July 4th, 2004

01:19 am - photography is the less talented persons way of drawing

there was a storm where i live yesterday, so i grabbed a camera and took pics of the color changing skies.

1) the storm barley started, you can see the blue sky beneath the brown clouds
2) my little brother being a dork; the clouds start to darken
3) the fort in my backyard; the clouds darken a little more; you can still see a patch of the blue skies at the bottom right corner
4) *my favorite one* the sky is red, the pic is of the house across the street with a tree in the front yard.

http://www.geocities.com/gorillaz_chick_4ever/weatherpics.html get a kick out of it and comment pretty please.

Current Mood: artisticartistic
Current Music: "Take Me Out" by Franz Ferdinand

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June 30th, 2004

12:34 am - Here's Some Song Lyrics...
This is a highly personal song, although the audience probably won't ever get it unless I tell them. I put up a demo if you want to hear the melody. (It's a very rough demo...)

Any tips or feedback would be appreciated... I'd like to know how someone who doesn't know me would interpret the song.


The Boy You Love Is Dead

when you left him by himself
when you ran the other way
when you left him in his head
the boy you love is dead

when you walked into the house
when you wanted to wake up
when you went to sleep instead
the boy you love is dead

you think your man is dying as the blood spills on the floor
even though it looks like him it is a different boy

when you pointed to the sky
when you said your last goodbye
when you laid him in his bed
the boy you love is dead

you think your man is dying as the blood spills on the floor
even though I look like him I am a different boy

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